Past Meetings


The following meeting links provide detailed information, including agendas and, when available, presentation files.

The Shoreline and Coastal Planners Group meetings have addressed additional, diverse topics including the following:

  • Elwha Dam Removal

  • Sea-level Rise and Coastal Hazards

  • Shoreline Construction and Restoration

  • Alternatives to Armoring for Marine Shoreline Erosion Control

  • Application of Scientific and Technical Information to Policy-Making

  • Cumulative Impact Analysis, Salmon and Watershed Ecology

  • Environmental Effects of Docks, Piers and Other Over-Water Structures

  • GIS and Database Technologies for Local Government

  • Inventory and Assessment of Marine Shoreline Development

  • Management and Restoration of Urban Harbors and Embayments

  • Nearshore Management by Drift Sector

  • Riverbank and Floodplain Restoration

  • Shoreline Buffers for Resource Protection

  • Shoreline Erosion Control Techniques and Environmental Effects

  • Shoreline Flood Hazards: Integrating Science, Planning and Emergency Response

  • State and Local Interests in Aquaculture Siting

  • Wetlands Acquisition and Restoration for Watershed Recovery